K2F Adapter Plate V2 with Hardware K-Series to S2000 + Clutch Masters Flywheel

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Clutch Masters K2F Flywheel (FW-K2F-AL) & Precision Works K2F Adapter Plate V2

Version 2 of the adapter plate now comes with hardware and dowel pins!

Love K20 engines? Now you can install it in your S2000!

This package is the most crucial component you will need to install a Honda K-Series Engine into your S2000!

  • ClutchMasters K2F Flywheel
  • Precision Works K2F Adapter Plate V2
  • Adapter Plate hardware and dowel pins

Designed to mount K20 K24 K-Series Engines to F20C Transmission Gearbox in a S2000, this adapter plate with flywheel is the perfect part you'll need for your K2F setup.

  • Manufactured from 100% aluminum
  • CNC machined
  • Billet 6061 grade aluminum 
  • Installation instruction is not included

Clutch - Use with any OEM style Honda S2000 clutch kit, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing.