Billet K24 Upper Recirculation Housing

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  • Material: aluminum alloy production, with corrosion resistance, light weight, long service life
  • Fitment: This can also be used to install a K20 manifold or cut RBC manifold on a Gen 9 SI, as the water bypass is slightly different and you do not need an intake manifold adapter when using the adapter.
  • Adapters: We have designed adapters to fit all K24 heads, including the K24Z series (R40) heads.
  • Features:We use Honda Bond or a similar gasket manufacturer because it provides a strong seal and there is no possibility of leakage when using spring loaded tabs with no pressure on the adapter.
  • Installation Note: Make sure the adapter is mounted directly to the head when installing (do not install a washer between the head and the adapter). First use a 6.5 mm or ¼ drill bit to complete the blind holes in the adapter. Then you want to install the manifold and adapter in the head. This will ensure that you position the holes correctly