TAKATA RACE 4 Racing Harnesses

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Takata RACE 4 racing harnesses are the benchmark for track day, drift, and show cars. They come with FIA approval and the exclusive Takata aluminum multi-point release camlock buckle. Additional features include ASM (Anti-Submarine Technology) to prevent submarining, 3 in. shoulder belts, and 2 in. lap belts. The bolt-in version features specialized bendable stainless steel brackets designed to bolt to the stock mounting points (along with your factory seat belts), giving you the best of both worlds. The brackets can be pre-bent to optimize installation and to maintain the proper load path of the seat belt under load.

The snap-in style is designed to be used with an eyebolt, and can quickly be removed from the vehicle when not in use. The lap belt attachment brackets are sewn into the lap belts and feature a 3-bar adjuster. The shoulder belt attachment brackets are wrapped in and can be removed, allowing you to wrap the shoulder belts to a harness bar or roll bar using the 3-bar adjusters provided. The central camlock pulls everything together—and has additional slots for sub belts that can be added later. Whether you're cruising to a car show or trying to set a new lap record, stay securely in your seat with Takata RACE 4 racing harnesses.



-FIA Rating: FIA 8853-2016
-Street Oriented 4 point harness
-Snap-on / Bolt-on hardware
-Available in Green & Black
-FMVSS 209 Approval - Legal for use as the primary restraint in a road-going vehicle (Europe & USA)